ID Artist Album Comment
1 Depeche Mode Playing the Angel They are back and finally up to speed again
2 Monty Python The final Rip-Off Double CD with all the songs
3 Ms Kittin Good electronica
4 Bad Religion No control My first Concert ever
5 Skinny Puppy Digital Brap Massive Digipack with live songs and videos
6 V.A. Snatch - OST Great mix of songs
7 REM Document It is not the end of the world
8 Senser Stacked Up Overshadowed by RATM but as good
9 Monster Magnet Dopes to Infinity Rock and Drugs
10 Die Toten Hosen Kauf Mich Very satirical Punk album
11 Rage Against the Machine self-titled A breakthrough
12 Wolfsheim Spectators Wonderful Voice
13 The Sisters of Mercy A slight case of overbombing Good best-of of the newer stuff
14 VNV Nation Advance and Follow Harsher than nowadays
15 New Model Army The love of hopeless causes NMA are just great
16 The Pogues Rum, Sodomy and the Lash You got to love the Pogues
17 Laibach Anthems Hard Stuff
18 Ministry Psalm 69 Never listen to it while driving
19 Fat Truckers The first Fat Truckers Album is out on sale Very odd electronica act
20 New Order Get ready Great concert
21 Finger 11 Finger 11 A new REM
22 Front 242 Up Evil Copied a lot