Beginning JavaScript (with DOM Scripting and AJAX)

About the Book

This is a book about JavaScript. When I got commissioned to write it, I had one goal in mind: To write a book that teaches you the language, uses real-world examples and is not connected to the ‚here and now‛ but teaches timeless principles instead. Writing a beginner’s book about JavaScript is a tricky subject: Far too many JavaScript publications either go the ‚Hello World‛ way, showing you theoretical examples or the ‚pimp my web site‛ way explaining flashy examples and browser-specific tricks.

I hope I succeeded in avoiding both and instead giving you a good start to deal with already written JavaScript and to learn how to write your own to solve a specific task. You’ll learn about the basics of JavaScript but will also find up-to-date examples of Ajax and DOM scripting.

I approach JavaScript like any other job I do: Do it right the first time and make it easy for others to understand what you have done and how to maintain it and the task will not come back to haunt you. If you are a JavaScript novice, this book will teach you how to write clean and maintainable code, if you already used JavaScript, it’ll help you brush up on it and say good-bye to old practices that made sense when the web was young but are not applicable any longer.

The script examples in this book have been developed with certain ideals in mind: Being agnostic of platform or browser, accessible, using web standards and being very easy to maintain by others.

I’ve used my 8 years of experience developing JavaScript in the most diverse environments and I am not shy to show you mistakes I have done in the past to help you avoid making the same.

(yes this is nicked from the back of the book)

Table of Contents

Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax: From Novice to Professional