Beginning JavaScript (with DOM Scripting and AJAX)!

I won't lie to you - the first and foremost reason for this site is to accompany my book: "Beginning JavaScript with DOM scripting and Ajax" published by Apress.

If you buy it, you will learn about JavaScript from the ground up without a lot of "Hello World" theoretical examples but hands-on solutions for problems and tasks you will have to fulfill in your career as a JavaScript developer.

If you want to give the book as a present to someone, make sure to check out the dedicated copies service!

There are three steps to take:

1) Get the book

Either in a local bookstore (from 17th of July onwards) - which is the preferable option as bookstores are great places to test before you buy, drink coffee, socialize with real human beings and meet your future partners (optional) - or on the web for example on Amazon (US, UK, DE).

This also means I get some money in reward for this work I can spend on some of my numerous frivolous free-time activities like personal grooming, eating, drinking and paying for my shelter.

2) Download the code examples

Either Chapter by Chapter or try them out here, or in one go (5.8MB ZIP)

3) Sit down, relax, and open the book

Also open your IDE of choice (in my case Homesite on PC and Textwrangler on Mac) and dive right into it.

Other than that you will find extra materials - other articles, links and resources - here that I will keep up-to-date for you to enjoy. Of course, the lot will also be available as RSS feeds.

Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax: From Novice to Professional

Dedicated copies service

If you want to give the book as a present to someone and you want a dedicated copy with a personal greeting, simply write the greeting yourself and sign it with "Chris".

I will back you up in case the person you gave the book to asks me. Make sure to use an untidy handwriting (my parents pondered long and hard to help me become a doctor instead) and don't get too personal. We don't want to start something we cannot finish...